Well-Link Tech, World Leading Cloud Game Development Platform, Opens A New Office in Japan

2024-06-12     HaiPress

Tokyo, Japan - Well-Link Tech, a leading provider of real-time cloud rendering solutions, has opened a new office in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The expansion aims to better serve the thriving Japanese gaming industry and strengthen the company’s global footprint.


Well-Link Tech is renowned for its world-leading real-time cloud rendering solutions, serving game developers, publishers, platforms, and meta event organizers. With over 1 billion service hours, 1 million daily active users and a 99.9% service level agreement, the company has established itself as a trusted technology partner.


Using Well-Link Tech’s proprietary Cloud Gaming Development Platform, developers can seamlessly turn a PC, mobile or console game into a cloud game, making it more accessible across platforms and devices. The platform also offers novel marketing avenues for higher user conversion and marketing ROI. Well-Link Tech’s cloud-streamed playable ads solution delivers a click-and-play experience, accurately representing gameplay with complex controls and high graphic quality.


Aki Tashiro, a gaming industry veteran, has been appointed as the CEO of the Japan office. Aki Tashiro is excited about the potential to transform the industry through Well-Link Tech’s services, particularly in cloud gaming, cloud-streamed playable ads, meta-verse event streaming, and digital human.


"Real-time cloud rendering is a great way to bring high-quality content to users across platforms, overcoming device limitations," says Aki Tashiro. "We have set up a cloud-gaming experience center in our office and look forward to welcoming customers in Japan to come experience and discuss collaboration opportunities."

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